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{FD} As many as 7 reported dead in California tour bus, semi-truck crash

At least seven people are dead and dozens more were rushed to local hospitals after a tour bus collided with a semi-truck early Sunday morning in California, The Desert Sun reported.

{FD} Somalia’s extremists re-take town in country’s center

Residents say official says Islamic extremist rebels recaptured a town in central Somalia after African Union and Somali troops pulled out Sunday.

{FD} Chinese-Mexican businessman remains in prison awaiting trial

Mexico’s federal judicial council says in a statement that a Chinese-Mexican businessman extradited here from the United States last week will face a dozen charges including for drug trafficking and weapons possession.

{FD} Burkina Faso police kill suspected extremist in capital

Burkina Faso’s police director-general says a police squad has killed a suspected Islamic extremist after a shootout in the capital.

{FD} Venezuela lawmakers propose legal action against Maduro

Venezuela lawmakers have gathered at a special session as pro-government militia members rally outside the capitol building.

{FD} Police say 7 men injured in Oakland, California, shooting

Authorities say seven men have been injured in a shooting in Oakland, California.

{FD} Officers: 83 Nigerian soldiers missing in Boko Haram attack

Senior military officers say 83 soldiers are missing after Boko Haram Islamic extremists attacked a remote base in northeastern Nigeria.

{FD} Hezbollah to vote for Aoun in coming Lebanese election

The leader of the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah says his parliamentary bloc will vote for former army commander Michel Aoun for president at the next balloting session in parliament.

{FD} Palestinians arrest 4 who attended settler celebration

A senior Palestinian official says four Palestinians were detained for attending a Jewish holiday celebration in a West Bank settlement.

{FD} Russia oil minister meets Saudis, Gulf countries in Riyadh

Saudi Arabia says its oil minister is meeting with his Russian and Gulf Arab counterparts in Riyadh, as the kingdom pushes to convince major oil producing countries to cut production in order to increase prices.

{FD} French police use tear gas to disperse Calais camp residents

French police have fired tear gas to disperse people throwing stones toward them amid rising tensions ahead of the planned dismantling of a slum-like refugee camp near the English Channel.

{FD} ‘Celebrity’ owl with followers worldwide found shot to death in Oklahoma City

Game wardens are trying to find out who shot and killed an Oklahoma City great horned owl with millions of followers around the world, according to a report.

{FD} Boston police officer released from hospital after shooting

A Boston police officer shot while responding to a dispute between roommates has been released from the hospital.

{FD} Thousands flood Cameroon hospitals in search of family

Thousands of Cameroonians have been flooding hospitals in the capital, Yaounde, and the largest city, Douala, looking for corpses and survivors after an overloaded train derailed Friday, killing more than 70 people and injuring 600.

{FD} Dozens of sailors released after being held hostage for 4 years, Somali pirate claims

A Somali pirate said Saturday that 26 Asian sailors held hostage for more than four years have been released after a ransom was paid, and international mediators said it "represents the end of captivity for the last remaining seafarers taken hostage during the height of Somali piracy."

{FD} Pope says he is pained by murder of innocents in Mosul

The pope says the cruelty of the fighting in the Iraqi city of Mosul "makes us cry, leaves us without words." Pope Francis told some 50,000 faithful gathered Sunday for the Angelus blessing that he was "pained by the murder in cold blood of numerous sons of this beloved land, among them many children." He expressed his closeness to the people of Iraq "in these dramatic hours," saying "our souls are shaken by the brutal acts of violence that are being committed for too long against innocent citizens, whether Muslims or Christians." Iraqi forces and their allies have launched a major offensive this week to retake Mosul, the country's second-largest city, from the Islamic State group.