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We have added a Resources section in the right column.  Our first published resource is a Research Bibliography, which contains well over 800 titles and is being updated further.

Corrected DSM-V: DSM-V-PA

As soon as possible, we will be posting our corrected version of the evil DSM-V.  We have titled our corrected version the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders DSM-V With Pneumiatric Annotations and DSM-V-PA.  It includes the entire text of the DSM-V.  See “DSMs” in our menu above.


Pimhead, the Pneumiatric Mental Health Dictionary, also known as the Dictionary of Pneumiatric Psychiatry, is the largest and most advanced dictionary of psychiatry in the world.  Pimhead will be found on the L. F. Nexus Think Tank website at //  We will be porting Pimhead for use here on the UPAX website as soon as possible.

PS: APAXO’s American Psychiatric Glossary is a baby work by comparison.

Menu / Crusades

We have added a Crusades page to our menu above.  Our Crusades page provides information about some of our ongoing crusades:

The Sane Sanity Crusade

The Missing Gay Crusade

The APAXO Shutdown Crusade

The DSM-V Garbage Crusade


We have one word for APAXO’s DSM-V – garbage.  See // for some information and insight on the disturbing DSM-V.


Psychiatric Wars

APAXO (the American Psychiatric Association) has committed offenses so egregious (obviously bad) that UPAX, after years of striving to support the good within APAXO, has declared all-out war.  It is now the goal of UPAX to destroy APAXO!  You can get some idea of APAXO’s offenses by reading Dr. Keith Ablow’s article at //


We have adopted “APAXO” as our abbreviation for “American Psychiatric Association” since the abbreviation “APA” refers to both the American Psychiatric Association and the American Psychological Association.

Since we have coined the abbreviation “APAXO,” we invest it, in part, with the meaning of “something evil.”  Here is the formal definition for “APAXO”:

APAXO:  the evil organization known as the American Psychiatric Association

Overturning of the “Strategic Policy Shift”

Based on the criminal nature of the DSM-V, we now, once again, totally reject the American Psychiatric Association.  Therefore, we overturn the “Strategic Policy Shift.”  For details see the latter part of //

Where To Find The 99+% Referenced In The Just Prior Post

See “…the vast majority also have heterosexual experience—less than 1% do not….” on page 16 of //

A Simple Proof That Gays Don’t Exist

Gays are supposed to have “a genetic makeup that compels them to have sex with people of the same gender.”  However, more than 99% of people who call themself “Gay” also have sex with people of the opposite gender (see page 16 of // and Footnote 1 below).  So much for the “compels…sex with…the same gender.”  The compulsion is disproven; therefore, the Gayness is disproven.

Footnote 1:  “…the vast majority also have heterosexual experience—less than 1% do not….”  See page 16 of //  This is quoted by Dr. Satinover from the work by Laumann et al., p. 311.

Footnote 2:  The “less than 1%” (see Footnote 1 above) are indeterminate and, therefore, do not support the classification of “Gay.”

Footnote 3:  There are those who would try to refute this article by drawing you into a jargon discussion.  Just remember that anyone who cannot explain their jargon to you is a fraud.

The Pracs

What distinguishes the PracsGaypracs, Lesbianpracs, Bisexualpracs, Transgenderpracs, and Questioningpracs – from the imaginary sexual groups – Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, Transgenders, and Questioning – is that they are not born with an (imaginary) genetic makeup that compels them to engage in a particular type of sexual activity.

Other Imaginary Groups

Other imaginary groups include Lesbians, Bisexuals, Transgenders, and Questioning.  We never criticize imaginary things; so, we never criticize these imaginary groups.

However, we do criticize Lesbianpracs, Bisexualpracs, Transgenderpracs, and Questioningpracs.  These, along with Gaypracs, are sexual perverts.

Criticism of Gaypracs

We have criticized, do criticize, and will criticize Gaypracs but, remember, Gaypracs are not the imaginary group of people that some refer to as “Gays.”  We never criticize anything imaginary, including the imaginary group of people that some refer to as “Gays.”

What If Gays Existed?

If Gays existed, we would support them because they would have been created that way by God but there is no evidence that they exist.

Now, what people call “Gays” are actually Gaypracs (see // for the scientific definitions of “Gay” and “Gayprac”).

Warning Against The American Psychiatric Association

The key thing to remember about the American Psychiatric Association is that it is a political organization like the Democratic Party and not a scientific organization like the United States Psychiatric Association.

Psychiatry Is Not Science

Psychiatry is neither a science nor a pure science, like physics or chemistry.  The latter encompass precise, predictive laws and involve nothing outside of the realm of science.

Psychiatry encompasses approximate, predictive laws and involves subjective judgments, which are outside of the realm of science.  These subjective judgments occur in the realm of ethics (everyone is, to one degree or another, knowledgeable in the realm of ethics).

Because psychiatry encompasses ethics, it can never have the authority of science.

Now, all that being said, a part of psychiatry consists of psychiatric science.  The judgment of a few psychiatrists that Gaypracs are Gay is not a part of psychiatric science.

The “Psychiatric Jargon Rule”

The “Jargon Rule” states:

If an expert cannot explain his jargon to the average person, his jargon is nonsense.

The “Psychiatric Jargon Rule” states:

If a psychiatrist cannot explain his jargon to the average person, his jargon is nonsense.

Psychology Versus Psychiatry

Psychiatry is not superior to psychology.  Why?  Psychiatry and psychology address overlapping but different spheres.  Psychiatry focuses on the brain.  Psychology focuses on the mind.