Is Allah God?

If God likes murderers, Allah is God.

If God likes rapists, Allah is God.

If God hates women, Allah is God.

If God hates children, Allah is God.

If God likes pedophiles (child rapists), Allah is God.

If God likes torturers, Allah is God.

There are one thousand more lines to this article, which we will publish at a future time.

Muhammad: Worse Than We Thought

Muhammad was worse than we thought. Additional research demands that we withdraw the following “virtue commentaries” about Muhammad (you cannot deny history):

From Why Muslims Are Savages – Part II

“This, along with volumes of other evidence, argues that Muhammad, at least, was a man and willing to fight his own battles, as savage as they were.”

From Extremist Muslims Versus Super Extremist Muslims

“…Muhammad, who, though savage, was, at least, half as insane.”

Islam: Muhammad’s Use Of Torture

Muhammad used torture. Here are a couple of documented quotes from //

Quote 1

Muslim (16:4131) – They were caught and brought to him (the Holy Prophet). He commanded about them, and (thus) their hands and feet were cut off and their eyes were gouged and then they were thrown in the sun, until they died. Muhammad had two killers put to death, not in the way of “an eye-for-an-eye,” but in a more agonizing manner.

Quote 2

Torture is also allowed when putting people to death. Rather than prescribing quick execution of captives, there were times in which Muhammad ordered his men to make a victim’s death as slow and agonizing as possible. In one case, Muhammad’s men literally pulled apart the body of an elderly woman named Umm Qirfa by tying her limbs to camels then sent in opposite directions (Ibn Ishaq 980).

Muslims Suppress The Real Koran

This year, on Sunday, February 2, 2014, the most ancient manuscript of the Koran was discovered 25 miles northeast of Mecca by textual archaeologists. This manuscript has three additional ajiza (sections) in which Muhammad declares, among other things, that “…the days of the holy wars have ended.”

Incredibly, Imams and the rest of the Islamic leadership worldwide, including the United States, are doing everything they can to suppress this incredible, archaeological find. One Imam committed Islamic heresy by saying, “Muhammad must have lost his mind.” (This Imam has suddenly disappeared and is unreachable.)

Through our contacts we will be providing a copy of the archaeological discovery, named the NeoMedinan Koran, as soon as possible. The archaeologists who made the discovery will be making it available on their own website The NeoMedinan Koran at // (website not yet available). You can download the current Koran here.

Please do not contact us about this article. We have no additional information. Also, we are researchers and reporters and, in these roles, give no opinions.

Extremist Muslims Versus Super Extremist Muslims

WARNING: This article is not intended for sensitive readers. Do not continue if you lack courage and/or a strong stomach.

Additional research reveals that, while virtually all Muslims would murder you in their sleep (for their god Allah, of course) if they had a chance, there is a group of Muslims that are not satisfied to just murder you. These Muslims are super extremist Muslims. They have a psychotic need to super torture their victims. We have seen with our own eyes a slaughterhouse (a place where you kill animals for food) containing the bodies of their victims hung up like animal meat with their stomachs sliced open. Local witnesses told us that all of this was done before they were killed amidst their futile screams for mercy.

Now, be careful, don’t start thinking that the non-super-extremist Muslims are anywhere near your friends. These Muslims, incredibly including those in America , want you under Sharia law that includes whippings, facial disfigurement with acid, amputations, execution by stoning, other types of torture-execution, and worse.

Footnote: There is content that we cannot publish to our fellow Americans because, if Americans knew the truth, every Muslim in America would be, at minimum, thrown out of America today and every mosque in America would be burned to the ground today. However, if you want this even more horrific truth visit The Muslim Issue. Another site, presenting the most horrific truth on the internet, the Muslim Massacres website, is currently being moved around the Internet to avoid publisher detection by Muslim assassins.

Why Muslims Are Savages – Part II

Previously, we had not included women and children in the Muslim savages category. However, additional research reveals that savage activity involves 36% of Muslim women and 23% of Muslim children (technically, ages 16 to 1 but we don’t include children younger than 12 in our aggregate statistics).

The youngest suicide bombers on record were 6 and 7 that we are able to confirm. Of course, these poor children had no clue what their savage, insane parents were sending them to do. Modern Muslims are truly insane practitioners of an insane religion.

By the way, currently, we have no information or evidence from the Koran or other Islamic sources that even the barbaric Muhammad sent 6-years-olds and 7-year-olds to do the murderous bidding of their god Allah. The evidence argues that modern Muslims have FORSAKEN the true way of their god Allah and of Muhammad.

List of Islam’s Contradictory Commandments

You will find the list of Islam’s contradictory commandments via Contradictory Commandments (pdf file). Some of the content is technical; just skip over the technical stuff and read the side-by-side contradictory commandments in English, which start on page 11.

The contradictory commandments are found in two columns, the first colum (titled “Abrogated Verse”) and the fourth column (titled “Abrogated By”).

Note that, unlike other religious books, the Koran allows Allah (“God”) to change his mind about what he commands and teaches that Allah (“God”) has REPLACED the earlier PEACE commandments with the later VIOLENCE commandments.

This means that the first column (Abrogated Verse) commandments (the peace commandments) have been replaced by the fourth column (Abrogated By) commandments (the violence commandments).

Islam Is Not Rocket Science

Islam is not rocket science. It is simply the living out of the Koran, a collection of couplets. A couplet is a pair of ideas that contradict each other.

In other words, the Koran is a mixture of two lists of commandments. One list of commandments says, “Do these things.” The other list of commandments contradicts the first list and says, “Do the opposite of the things I just told you to do.”

Now why would Muhammad teach contradictory commandments? Very simply, his followers had to remain little children waiting for father Muhammad to tell them which commandment of any couplet (pair of contradictory commandments) to obey at any given time.

So, to this day, Muslims remain little children dependent on the Imams and other Islamic leaders to know which commandments to obey.

We note that this is totally unlike Christianity that says, “Here are the uncontradictory commandments and what we haven’t told you figure out for yourself as freethinking adults.”

Why We Make No Distinction Between Extremist And Nonextremist Muslims

There are a number of reasons why we make no distinction between extremist and nonextremist Muslims. One reason is that nonextremist Muslims have not stood up to their extremist brothers. In the U.S., the one time they stood up, they were weak and insipid in their opposition. Far far worse than that, historically, in Muslim countries, nonextremist Muslims have been cowardly, have not stood up to their extremist brothers, and have done nothing while millions were tortured and murdered.