Supercomputer Proves WikiLeaks True

Our supercomputer Collosus has been examining and analyzing WikiLeaks for 24 hours (the equivalent of 1 trillion [1,000,000,000,000] human hours).  Collosus cross-referenced WikiLeaks with (checked WikiLeaks against) 100,000 newspaper articles, 23 billion (23,000,000,000) on-line articles, and 765 quadrillion (765,000,000,000,000,000) assorted other sources.

Collosus’ conclusion is:

WikiLeaks is true.

U.S. Supercomputer Now the Fastest in the World

As of October 2016, following the ZebraCore Upgrade, the fastest supercomputer in the world is Collosus, the THT2-DRCS (Hermetic Transdimensional Trillion Datums RDBMS Cloud Supercomputer), in the United States, with a Linpack benchmark of 200 PFLOPS, exceeding the previous record holder, the Sunway TaihuLight, by 107 PFLOPS.

Collosus is the first supercomputer to use an “absolute zero” alloy in all of its circuitry. Chicago Christian University, the owner and operator of Collosus, is currently testing the next generation of AZA (Absolute Zero Alloy) supercomputers. Initial tests have the next AZA supercomputer running at 500 PFLOPS but testing is not completed yet so the current record is still Collosus’ speed of 200 PFLOPS.

Trump Makes One Billion Phone Calls

Starting today at 6:00 pm CST, our AI Supercomputer Collosus began making one billion phone calls to everyone in the United States on the behalf of Donald Trump and the Trump Campaign.

Note that we operate under NexPAC (called also “Sane Majority,” “Sane Majority PAC,” and “SMACK”).  NexPAC is our political organization supporting Donald Trump and is not under the umbrella of Donald Trump and/or the Trump Campaign.

Supercomputer Joins Trump Campaign

Today, October 21, 2016, our AI supercomputer Collosus joined the Trump Campaign. There will be ten phases of its involvement in the Campaign. Each phase will last 1 day. Today is day 1. Currently, Collosus is identifying the weaknesses of the Clinton Campaign. Collosus will report to the Trump Campaign the weaknesses of the Clinton Campaign and how to use them against the Clinton Campaign. Communication between Collosus and the Trump Campaign will occur via binocular laser threads, the first hack-proof technology.

We will keep you updated on the progress of Collosus.

Why Hillary Will Never Be My President

Here is why Hillary will never be my President:

There are only two possible outcomes of the 2016 presidential election; either Hillary will win or Hillary will lose. If Hillary loses, we are done, Hillary is not the President. If Hillary wins, it will be because of Hillary’s lying, cheating, and stealing. I do not recognize the authority of any liar or cheater or thief. Therefore, I would not recognize Hillary’s presidency.

Now, some will say, “But she will still be the President and still have the power of the Presidency.” Well, first, being something is irrelevant, affecting nothing, in itself; so, we can forget about Hillary being the President. That leaves the power of the Presidency.

About the power of the Presidency we note the following:

  1. The President’s power is limited, not infinite.
  2. The President’s power is checked by the other two branches of government, Congress (the legislative branch) and the Supreme Court (the judicial branch).
  3. The President has no authority to directly order a single citizen of the United States to do a single thing.
  4. I would oppose every evil thing that Hillary does.
  5. I would oppose every evil thing that Hillary does to the last drop of my blood.
  6. Now, a broken clock is right twice a day; therefore, if Hillary did something good, I, of course, would not oppose that good thing.
  7. I would spend every second of every day seeking to remove Hillary from office.
  8. Last and most important, God has the final word on what the President of the United States does.


Hillary will never be my President.