Where Did The Palestinians Come From?

Palestinians are Muslims from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and other Arab countries who invaded the area around Israel in order to destroy Israel. Palestinians never lived in the area around Israel to begin with. There is no Palestinian nationality like there is Egyptian, Saudi Arabian, Italian, French, Russian, Chinese, etc. nationalities. The term “Palestinian” is a made up word designed to deceive the world into believing that the Muslim invaders are a real nationality. We note that the Muslim invaders have been 90% successful in their deception of the world.

The Truth About Fidel Castro

  • Fidel Castro imprisoned 25,000 men, women, and children.
  • Fidel Castro allowed his generals to rape 6,000 children, including 1,000 3-year-olds and 2,000 4-year-olds.
  • Fidel Castro tortured 100,000 men, women, and children.
  • Fidel Castro lived like a king for 50 years while his people starved.

We could go on.

The Hoax of the “Golden Age of Islam”

The so-called “Golden Age of Islam” was supposed to have occurred from the 8th century to the 13th century.  The truth is:

The Muslim barbarians invaded Europe and stole all of the art, literature, artifacts, and libraries of Europe; then, the Muslim barbarians dispersed the precious loot they took from Europe and paraded it as their own.

The Muslim barbarians are and have always been ignorant savages.

How President Obama Was Brainwashed

A team of one hundred psychiatrists from UPAX (the United States Psychiatric Association) have completed a five-year psychiatric analysis of President Obama.  The team’s most important conclusion is:

President Barack Obama was brainwashed as a child, teenager, and young adult.

In brief, Obama was raised, during his most formative years, as a Muslim so that Muslim beliefs were inculcated in his unconscious mind.  The most disastrous Muslim principle planted in Obama’s unconscious was the belief that science is not a strong authority.

After his most formative years, Obama was educated as a Christian but by then it was too late, the damage had been done.  Obama attended ultraliberal grade schools, high schools, and colleges.  After his formal education, he joined socialist, pseudo-communist, and un-American political groups.  All of these educational and political influences further solidified the damaged part of Obama’s unconscious mind.

The UPAX team’s second most important conclusion is:

President Barack Obama is totally blind to his “brainwashedness” and is sincere in his disastrous beliefs.

Supercomputer Collosus Calls Jill Stein a Jerk

Our supercomputer Collosus has analyzed the election results.  Collosus’ main conclusion is:

There was no hacking of election computers but, even if there were, the hacking would have occurred equally for all candidates so that the election results would have been the same.  Jill Stein, you are a jerk.

Note that the sentence, “Jill Stein, you are a jerk,” was produced by Collosus’ hardwired, emotive subroutines, not by us.

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Why President Obama Is a Bad Person

President Obama is a bad person mainly because he practices double-dealing, which is the practice of working to people’s disadvantage behind their backs.  Obama, especially, worked to the American people’s disadvantage behind their backs.  For example, he lied about the American people being able to keep their insurance and their doctor.  In addition, Obama is too proud to admit his many mistakes and failures.