The Palestinians Have No Right to Exist!

The Palestinians have no right to exist. Here is why:

1947There are no Palestinians.
1948The Jewish people return to their country from all over the world, in huge numbers.
1949Muslims invade the country of the Jewish people, which is called “Israel.”
1950The Muslim invaders lie to the world, telling the world that they were there before the Jewish people and telling the world the Muslim invaders have always been called “Palestinians.”

Public Colleges and Universities Must Have Funding Dropped by Trump Unless…

Public colleges and universities that do not adopt fair and balanced practices must have their funding dropped by President Trump.  This means, among other things, that public colleges and universities must hire as many conservative professors as liberal professors and teach as many conservative classes as liberal classes.  If not, President Trump must drop their funding.

Why the U.N. Is a Giant Garbage Can

We’ll get straight to the point:

Most U.N. member nations promote:

  • The abuse and rape of children
  • The abuse and rape of women
  • Racial prejudice leading to the murder of millions
  • Economic theft whereby they steal trillions of dollars from richer nations

There are also many other crimes and abuses of which most U.N. member nations are guilty.

What the Muslim’s Book, the Koran, Teaches About Women

The Muslim’s book, the Koran (also spelled “Quran”), says this about women:

  • Women are animals.
  • Women are garbage.
  • Women are the property of men.
  • Women may be sexually abused by any man.
  • Women are stupid.
  • Women were created as towels to wipe the filthy feet of men.

There are other things the Koran says about women but they are too filthy and obscene for us to put in print.

Now, you know one of a million reasons why we hate the Koran.

Trump Wins Popular Vote!

Supercomputer Collosus declares President-Elect Trump winner of popular vote by 10,000,000 (10 million) votes.

Now, you might ask how this can be.  Well, there are several factors at play.  These include but are not limited to (1) illegal immigrant votes and (2) dead people votes.  Here are the vote counts for just these two groups:

GroupVote Count
Illegal Immigrant Votes6,333,221
Dead People Votes2,199,432

Those two groups alone give us a total of 8,532,653 votes.  However, there were other groups as well, totalling over 5,000,000 additional illegal votes.  The final total of all of the above numbers gives us 10,000,000 more votes for President-Elect Trump than for Clinton.  See our 500-page Collosus 2016 Election Statistical Analysis (link to be posted) for detailed information.