Educational Levels: Christians Versus Muslims

Globally, the average educational level of a Muslim is the second grade (remember, half of the world is uneducated) whereas the average educational level of a Christian is the sixth grade. In other words, globally, the average Christian is three times as educated as the average Muslim.

Original article: Educational Levels: Christians Versus Muslims

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CJA Talks About Political Leaders

CJA announced today that it is developing a strategy to deal with political leaders that are aiding Muslims in the free world. General Alexander Hamilton stated:

Some political leaders have blood on their hands. We may find it necessary that they pay a price for their crimes against humanity.

CJA Assassinates 19 Members Of Boko Haram Kidnappers Of 300 Schoolgirls

Just in. CJA reports that it has just assassinated 19 members of Boko Haram, the group that kidnapped the 300 schoolgirls. CJA team leader Muhammad Jones said, “We were able to obtain useful intelligence after a few hours of torture; then, we executed the godless animals.” Jones added, “We are following a trail of blood and will kill everyone who harmed the girls.”

CJA In Iraq

Arabic members of CJA infiltrated ISIS this past week and killed sixteen of their military leaders.

CJA In Sweden

CJA reported today, “Yesterday, in Sweden, we executed 25 members of 3 Muslim rape gangs with a single bullet to the head.”

CJA In Great Britain

CJA said today, “While there might be good Muslims, we will kill every Muslim in Great Britain if necessary to protect the vast majority of British citizens.”

CJA And Us (Islam Out)

We (Islam Out) do not condone the vigilante activities of CJA and we enforce anti vigilante laws. However, we do recognize that CJA is just in its dealings.

CJA Will Execute American Muslim Terrorists When They Return From Iraq To America

CJA warns American Muslim terrorists:

Those Americans fighting for the enemy will be executed upon their return to the United States with a single bullet to the head.

How To Pronounce “CJA”

“CJA” can be pronounced by letter “C-J-A” or by its preferred pronunciation “see-juh.” The “h” in “juh” is silent and “juh” rhymes with “jum” in the word “jumble.”

Another way to explain the pronunciation of “see-juh” is to say that it rhymes with “See ya” as in “See ya later” where “ya” rhymes with “jum” in the word “jumble.”

CJA Launches Second Wave Of Surprise Attacks Against Jihadists

Wednesday morning, June 25, 2014 the CJA (Counter Jihadist Army) launched its second wave of surprise attacks against jihadist camps and bases in the United States. The targeted camps and bases were wiped out with 5,447 jihadists killed. CJA achieved most of its objectives with the exception of a base in New York State that received warning and evacuated before CJA teams arrived.

In addition, CJA warns that there are still about 50 smaller jihadist centers of operation scattered throughout the United States. It urges local communities, law enforcement, and state militias to locate these centers of operation and take appropriate, legal action.

CJA Launches Surprise Attacks Against Jihadist Bases

Tuesday night, June 24, 2014 the CJA (Counter Jihadist Army) launched its first series of surprise attacks against jihadist camps and bases in the United States. The targeted camps and bases were wiped out with 1,303 jihadists killed. CJA notes, “Most American Muslims are supporting these jihadists.”

USA Jihadist Destruction

US Jihadists On Rise Under Obama And Democrats

There are ten times more jihadist bases and camps in the United States since the Democrats took over the Whitehouse and Obama became president.

Camps are groups of 10 to 20 jihadists. Bases are groups of 50 to 100 jihadists.

If Obama and the federal government don’t shut down these camps and bases soon, the CJA, the Counter Jihad Army, will do it for them.

CJA Kills 10 American Jihadists

CJA, the Counter Jihad Army, using its intelligence network, which includes contacts in the FBI and CIA, identified 10 American jihadists headed for Iraq. The American jihadists were engaged on their way to the airport and killed.

While we do not condone vigilante action, we believe that CJA’s actions were justified and just.

Beware Persuasive Muslims Who Have Mastered The Art Of Lying

One of Muhammad’s rules in the Koran is that Muslims should lie to make Islam the dominant force in the world. Now, Muslims have had over a thousand years to perfect their lying techniques. As a result, they have perfected the art of lying.

Nevertheless, there is a weakness in their art of lying:

While they may be able to come up with persuasive arguments for why their beliefs are good and rational, their lives contradict their words. That is why we say on our websites:

The true definition of any religion is not the teachings of that religion but the lives and works of the majority of those who profess to be practitioners of its teachings.

Muslims In Homeland Security. Is President Obama Nuts?

Is President Obama nuts? Why did he place Muslims in sensitive positions in Homeland Security?

CJA (Counter Jihad Army) Builds Muslim Registry Database

CJA, the Counter Jihad Army, through its contacts in Immigration, the Census Bureau, the Defense Department, the FBI, the CIA, the DIA, the NSA, and other intelligence services and agencies has compiled a database of all Muslims living in the United States in order to track their activities. The database is called the “Muslim Registry Database.” It is updated hourly. CJA, naturally, will not provide information on the technologies they are using in their ongoing efforts to keep Americans safe.

The CJA does not operate within the law if necessary to keep Americans safe. Because of the misguided politics of our times, the CJA does not report to the President of the United States or any other political leader. It is guided by the Constitution of the United States alone.

The CJA is an independent entity and is not a part of the government of the United States.

Update: CJA Takes Vengeance On Muslim Perpetrators Of Female Genital Mutilation

Once the word got out about the female genital mutilations in the New York City mosque, the CJA, the Counter Jihad Army, sent a small team who promptly burned the mosque to the ground. Then, the five men involved in the mutilations were identified and executed with a single bullet to the head.

While we don’t condone vigilantism, we believe that justice was served in these events.