Why Is God Allowing My Sanity To Be Threatened?

God is allowing your sanity to be threatened (a life hallucination [see Why Is God Somewhat Stingy? for an explanation of life hallucination]) so that you will engage in the paradoxical drama (see our other articles on paradoxical drama; especially, Why Is God Somewhat Stingy?)…so that you will engage in the paradoxical drama of seeking something other than God to maintain your sanity.

Why Is God Unfaithful (Inconsistent)?

Why is God unfaithful (inconsistent)? That is, why doesn’t God keep his word all of the time? Well, once again, we are dealing with paradoxical drama. You must read our earlier articles on this subject to be able to understand this article:

Note that God is not really unfaithful.

Now, why is God unfaithful?

So that we will engage in the paradoxical drama of putting material defenses above trusting God. Note that we did not say so that we do not trust God but rather that material defenses are to be given greater priority than faith in God.

Material defenses are money, food, clothing, shelter, guns, police, military, etc., etc.

Note that the logic behind this paradoxical drama is that, while unfaithfulness, per se (in itself), calls for a cessation of trust in God…since God is the only source of supply, we cannot cut ourselves off from him completely. Therefore, rather than cessation of faith in God, logic dictates a synthesis, subordination of faith in God.

Why Does God Sometimes Send Unbearable Torment?

You must read Why Is God Somewhat Stingy? first to be able to understand this article; especially, the concept of pardoxical drama. You may also read Why Does God Sometimes Make Our Faith Pointless? for some additional insight. Note that God does not really sometimes send unbearable torment.

Now, why does God sometimes send unbearable torment? First, the unbearability is unconsciously unreal, which is proven by the fact that we do not lose control of ourselves. So, why does God send the experience?

So that we will engage in the paradoxical drama of subordinating everything else in our lives to the work of eliminating the unbearable torment; that is, so that we put the elimination of the unbearable torment before every other task and responsibility.

One More Reason To Hate The Democratic Party: Forced Mental Health Care

The Democratic Party has plans to force everyone to submit to their idea (atheistic and sexually perverted) of mental health care. The day they try that there will be blood in the streets and it won’t be our blood.

Freedom before peace!

APA and NIMH Humiliated: Super Mind: The Human Psynome Project (SMHSP or HSP for short)

Members of the APA (American Psychiatric Association) and the NIMH (National Institute of Mental Health) were not qualified to participate in Super Mind: The Human Psynome Project (SMHSP or HSP for short). This is not suprising given that these organizations promote the ridiculous chemistry-based approach to mental health and have little regard for the sane insight-based approach to mental health. The strong atheistic influence in these organizations explains why they reject everything they cannot see or touch. We expect they’ll be telling us next that there is no such thing as air since we cannot see air and there is no such thing as love since we cannot put love in a test tube.

About Your Sanity

Your sanity is not dependent on what you think but your destiny is.

Your sanity is not dependent on what you know or believe or trustate. “Trustate” (an archaic word revived for clarity) means “to believe as a result of a message communicated to you by someone you trust.” It differs from “believe” in that, while “believe” requires only an idea, “trustate” requires a mixture of trust (in someone) and an idea.

Now, returning to our main point, once again:

Your sanity is not dependent on what you think but your destiny is.

UPAX: Gay Mental Illness: CDSM-6 On “Gays” (Gay-Perverts)

UPAX’s CDSM-6 devotes five hundred pages to the discussion of homosexuality. Here are the most basic and most important principles relating to homosexuality, mental health, and morality:

We start by pointing out that there are two general types of homosexuality:

1. HW – Homosexual Weakness

2. HC – Homosexual Choice


This type of Gay falls into four subcategories.


“MDH Gays” are homosexuals who are mentally handicapped.There are two types:

MDH-1 Gays: this type does not have sufficient intelligence to know that what they are doing is wrong.

MDH-2 Gays: this type has sufficient intelligence to know that what they are doing is wrong.


“DH Gays” are homosexuals that suffer from one or more delusions. DH Gays fall into two categories:

DH-1 Gays: This type of Gay once knew the truth but has deceived themself into believing that what they are doing is not wrong.

DH-2 Gays: Virtually all DH-2 Gays are children who have been raised to be Gay and are under the age of twelve. This type of Gay has believed all their usually short life that what they are doing is not wrong.


“EWH Gays” are, for example, little children who have been forced into a homosexual lifestyle by more powerful, sexual predator Gay adults. These children, usually mentally, emotionally, and physically brutalized by these predator adults, are too terrified (hence, emotionally weak) to refuse to engage in the homosexual activity.


The description of “OH Gays” is beyond the understanding of most people; so, we will not provide it at this time.


“HC Gays” are people who know that homosexuality is wrong and freely and voluntarily choose to engage in homosexual activity.

DSM Wars

The DSM Wars have heated up with the president of UPAX saying:

The release of CDSM-6 was necessary to safeguard the sanity of millions of people in the face of the multiple threats of the DSM-5. The APA [American Psychiatric Association] can burn in hell forever for the criminality demonstrated by the DSM-5.