God works in different ways. He may work in your life differently than he does in ours. However, he probably works the same way in your life as he does in ours.

We believe in the existence of God (theism). We believe that God is involved in the affairs of humanity (the earthly lives of human beings) (providentialism). We believe that God creates the illusion that he is not involved in the affairs of humanity (virtual deism). We believe that God replaces divine assurance with special stamina in the lives of virtual deists. We believe that God replaces obvious providence with special luck in the lives of virtual deists.

We also believe in virtual reverse deism. Reverse deism is the delusion that God is too involved in our lives. Virtual reverse deism is:

The divinely created illusion of God’s excessive involvement in our lives.

This illusion tells us that God wants us to ignore inherently pointless suffering sent by him so that we appear (only appear, not actually) to be absolutely independent, even of God.

Why Islam Is A Threat To America

You should read We Explain Islam (The Religion Of Muslims) before you read this article.

Now, followers of Islam, Muslims, consider themselves slaves to God. This slavery colors all of their thinking. In their minds, everyone should be a slave to God.

As a result, Muslims are constantly thinking:

How can we turn America into a nation of SLAVES like ourselves.

Of course, conveniently for Muslims, they would be God’s earthly slavemasters over God’s American slaves.

What a difference between the Muslim slavemasters and the God of the Bible, who says:

…where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is LIBERTY.

Footnote: Bible quoted from II Corinthians 3:17 in the New Testament.

Should Muslims Be Deported From (Kicked Out Of) America?

Based on We Explain Islam (The Religion Of Muslims) and Islam, Not Just Radical Islam, Is A Threat To America and other research, we must insist that:

Muslims either be deported or publicly sign the Declaration of Severance, which states:

We, as followers of the reformed Muslim religion, renounce any and all violence of any and all of our fellow Muslims and declare ourselves separate and apart from those violent Muslims. We, henceforth, refer to ourselves as “Reformed Muslims,” and no longer ever ever refer to ourselves merely as “Muslims.”

Islam, Not Just Radical Islam, Is A Threat To America

Islam, not just radical Islam, is a threat to America and, indeed, to the entire world. The reason this is so is that, at worst, Islam is a murderous religion and, at best, an ambiguous (uncertain) religion.

In its murderous form, millions of people have been tortured and murdered. In its ambiguous form, millions of Muslims have stood by and watched as their fellow citizens were tortured and murdered.

For more information, read We Explain Islam (The Religion Of Muslims).

We Explain Islam (The Religion Of Muslims)

Islam is not really a religion. Islam is a religious philosophy.

Islam is nothing more than a collection of firmly held ideas. Islam does not involve faith in God. Muslims do not trust God. Muslims have no familial (family) relationship with God.

Now, it is actually worse than that.

Muslims do not even think of having faith in God or of having a familial relationship with God.

To Muslims:

God is a master and they are his slaves.

Everything else in Islam is based on this master-slave ideology (firmly held idea). The “everything else” consists of:

Firmly held ideas of slave rules provided by God the Slavemaster.

Now, the slave rules fall into 3 categories:

  1. Sane, normal moral rules (like living a sexually pure life).
  2. Unnecessary, harmless ritual rules (like feet washing before bowing to their Slavemaster God in submission).
  3. Insane, abnormal, bloodthirsty rules (like murdering for a variety of “reasons”).

Thus, we see that:

Islam is a mix of agreeable good and horrifying evil.

As such:

Islam should be shunned (actively avoided) and opposed.

Why Does God Sometimes Make Our Faith Pointless?

You must read Why Is God Somewhat Stingy? first to be able to understand this article; especially, the concept of pardoxical drama. Note that God does not really sometimes make our faith pointless.

Now, why does God sometimes make our faith pointless?

So that we will engage in the paradoxical drama of acting without faith, which would be having faith but doing what you would do if you had no faith.

Why Is God Somewhat Stingy?

Now, we can hear the uproar in certain communities at the idea that God is stingy to some degree. Well, that is because of their ignorance of the divinely ordained complexity of the human experience.

Now, is God somewhat stingy? In terms of fact, no. In terms of apparent fact, for some people, yes. Okay. So what is apparent fact? Apparent fact is belief resulting from unrecognized life hallucination. What is life hallucination?

An hallucination that comprises (makes up) a period of one’s life. Such a period of one’s life could last for seconds or minutes or hours or days or weeks or months or years.

So, why does God send these painful life hallucinations? Of course, with some people it is because of sin. But, with other people, good and decent people, it has a different purpose. That purpose is:

Paradoxical drama.

What is paradoxical drama?

Paradoxical drama is acting as if, though not really the case, God is defective in some way. In this case, it is acting as if, though not really the case, God is somewhat stingy.

How do you know that God wants you to engage in this paradoxical drama? If this were not true, God would truly be somewhat stingy.

So, how do you act as if God is somewhat stingy?

You plan your life accordingly. You say to yourself, “In effect, though not really, God is not going to provide me with everything I need. Therefore, I must save some resources – money, time, energy, property, food, clothing, shelter, etc. – for future use.”