A New Political Party: Rules: First Draft

It is time to start thinking about a new political party. The development of a new political party must be handled very carefully. Carefulness is required because, if handled carelessly, our nation could be destroyed. A political party must have consistency. Consistency is achieved by rules. Here are our first rules:

Rule 1: Constitutional Rule: We support the Constitution of the United States of America as interpreted by the Founding Fathers and not as interpreted by the four asinine, liberal Supreme Court Justices that make up a part of the Supreme Court.

Rule 2: Bad Person Rule: If an American is a bad person, they are still an American.

Rule 3: Inclusion Rule: It is the duty of government to protect bad people along with good people.

Rule 4: Crime Rule: A criminal is a bad person who has deliberately broken the law.

Rule 5: Nonessentials Rule: All nonessential government services must be eliminated.

Rule 6: Budget Rule: Government must not spend more money than it takes in.

Rule 7: Tax Rule: The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) must be shut down and replaced with the STS (Simple Tax Service). Low-level IRS people will be rehired at the STS. All other IRS people will be fired.

Rule 8: Simplicity Rule: The “Code Simplification Law” will be passed. This will eliminate 75% of all federal law and eliminate 90% of all federal regulations. Nonessential, federal regulatory agencies (75% of all regulatory agencies) will be shut down and their high-level employees fired. Low-level employees will be retained to simplify the laws and regulations.

Rule 9: Energy Rule: The United States will strive for energy independence.

Rule 10: Health Rule: Obamacare will be repealed but preexisting conditions will be kept and existing insured will not lose their insurance. In addition, a Health Savings Accounts law will be passed.

Rule 11: Education Rule: Parents will be able to choose what school their children attend.

Rule 12: Border Rule: Our southern border will be secured.

Rule 13: Abortion Rule: Abortion will be prohibited with the “Mother’s Life” Exception & the “Morality Over Law” Rule.

Rule 14: Loonatic Rule: All Sharia (Muslim amputation/beheading/etc. laws) supporters will be deported along with all Muslim criminals.

Rule 15: Professors Rule: All college and university professors working at taxpayer-funded schools will teach both sides of every political and scientific issue or be fired.

Rule 16: Courses Rule: History, traditional arithmetic, and penmanship will be taught at all grade levels.

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