America’s Muslim Invasion

Under the Democratic Party, including President Obama, Muslim’s have been flooding into the United States. Fully 35% of these Muslims believe in Sharia Law (Muslim Law), which mandates amputations of hands and feet for stealing apples and beheadings for looking at pornography, among other things. The Democratic Party and President Obama are, to put it mildly, morons for allowing these Muslim psychopath monsters into our country.

Proof of the Muslim invasion is easy to obtain. For one thing, 75% of the Muslims who enter our country immediately go on Welfare (Public Aid), which provides them with free housing, rent, utilities, medical care, and food stamps, among other things. This is substantiated (proven) by the fact that the Department of Human Services has added Arabic (the language of the Muslims) to its paper communications at all levels. We will post a photograph of one of these documents as soon as possible.

Muslim immigration must be stopped. To do this, the Democrats must be thrown out of office at all levels.

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