CCU and the First Warpdome Computer

Chicago Christian University announced today that it will begin constructing the world’s first Warpdome Computer, which works 1,000,000,000,000 (1 trillion) times faster than Collosus, the fastest supercomputer on earth.  A warpdome computer is:

A computer that uses a “warp dome.”  A warp dome is a new type of technology, developed by computer scientists at Chicago Christian University, that serves two purposes: (1) computer processing at 1.2 times the speed of light and (2) AI auto-engineering.  AI auto-engineering, also developed by our computer scientists, uses liquid crystals to create new computer components without human involvement.

One of the many uses of the Warpdome Computer will be the capacity to prove or disprove the Theory of Temporal Transportion, developed by Dr. Michael J. Bisconti, and commonly referred to as “The Time Travel Theory.”