CJA (Counter Jihad Army) Builds Muslim Registry Database

CJA, the Counter Jihad Army, through its contacts in Immigration, the Census Bureau, the Defense Department, the FBI, the CIA, the DIA, the NSA, and other intelligence services and agencies has compiled a database of all Muslims living in the United States in order to track their activities. The database is called the “Muslim Registry Database.” It is updated hourly. CJA, naturally, will not provide information on the technologies they are using in their ongoing efforts to keep Americans safe.

The CJA does not operate within the law if necessary to keep Americans safe. Because of the misguided politics of our times, the CJA does not report to the President of the United States or any other political leader. It is guided by the Constitution of the United States alone.

The CJA is an independent entity and is not a part of the government of the United States.