Counter Jihad Army: Killing Terrorists BEFORE They Kill Us

Because of the rapes of three American tourists by a Muslim rape gang in Sweden this past week, we are posting the following “advertisement” as a favor to our contacts in the CJA.

CJA, the Counter Jihad Army, formerly known as MASS, the Muslim Assassination Squad, consists of Americans all across the country of all races (red, yellow, black, white, etc.), of all nationalities (even a few patriotic American Arabs of which there are very few), and of all religions (even a few patriotic American Muslims of which there are very few). CJA has one mission and one goal, which is:

If the American government does not take appropriate action against Muslim activists, criminals, and terrorists, then we will. We believe and know that the lives of our fellow Americans are worth more than the lives of these Muslim ANIMALS!


See Muslim Rapists Executed By CJA.