Crush Muslim-Only Zones And Muslim Military Training Camps!

Unless you want Muslims to amputate the limbs of your children and grandchildren under Sharia law and unless you want the faces of your daughters and granddaughters to be disfigured with acid under Sharia law:

Crush Muslim-only zones and Muslim military training camps in free countries everywhere and deport supporters of these zones and camps.

In the United States:

Muslim military training camps violate the Constitution, unlike pro American militia training camps.

In the United States:

We have been told that if the government does not shut down the Muslim military training camps soon, MASS, the anti militant Muslim organization, will shut them down FOR the government.


Critical note:

In America, liberals, including liberal college professors and most of the Democratic party, have fallen under the spell of Muslim seducers and are accepting financial contributions from them. FIRE THE PROFESSORS! VOTE THE DEMOCRATS OUT OF OFFICE!