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The legal component of our position is that abortion should never be allowed except to save the life of the mother-to-be.  More info at Abortion on our political think tank website American Political Intelligence.

American Psychiatric Association

This organization now believes that people are machines without free will and demands that everyone follow their teachings.  In other words, they have become a cult.

Autoeroticism (Masturbation)

The question of whether masturbation is a sin does not have a simple answer. Read our answer at Masturbation.


We believe in hermeticism, not evolution.  See Scientific Revolution: The Seven Keys on our evolution think tank website.


Gays don’t exist, Gay-perverts do.  See Are Gay-Perverts Mentally Ill? then, especially, our think tank on the subject of Gays – Gay Is Not.

Gays, How To Fight Against

Gays don’t exist and, if they did, they would, by definition, have no power to stop what they do.  God does not oppose the powerless; therefore, logically, God would not oppose Gays.  Therefore, when you are asked what your position on Gays is, answer, “If Gays existed, there would be no reason to oppose them.”


God works in different ways. He may work in your life differently than he does in ours. However, he probably works the same way in your life as he does in ours.

We believe in the existence of God (theism). We believe that God is involved in the affairs of humanity (the earthly lives of human beings) (providentialism). We believe that God creates the illusion that he is not involved in the affairs of humanity (virtual deism). We believe that God replaces divine assurance with special stamina in the lives of virtual deists. We believe that God replaces obvious providence with special luck in the lives of virtual deists.

We also believe in virtual reverse deism. Reverse deism is the delusion that God is too involved in our lives. Virtual reverse deism is:

The divinely created illusion of God’s excessive involvement in our lives.

This illusion tells us that God wants us to ignore inherently pointless suffering sent by him so that we appear (only appear, not actually) to be absolutely independent, even of God.


Islam is a primitive, psychologically enslaving religion of peoples still living in the Dark Ages.  The teachings of Islam are contradictory, which results in the instability and unpredictability of the Islamic population.  Islam is divided into several sects, some worse than others.  A follower of Islam is called a “Muslim.”

We explain Islam, removing any and all mystery surrounding the religion, at We Explain Islam (The Religion Of Muslims).

Finally, read Why Islam Is A Threat To America and visit our first anti Islam website Islam: The Trojan Religion.

Islam, A Threat To America

Read Why Islam Is A Threat To America and visit our first anti Islam website Islam: The Trojan Religion.

If you have courage and a strong stomach, visit the anti Islamic website The Muslim Issue to have your eyes opened to the horrendous things Muslims are doing in the United States and around the world.  Note that we have not reviewed the entire website; so, technically, we cannot guarantee perfect agreement with all of its content.

Islam, Atrocities

“Susie,” the woman in the photo below, is one of over ten million women, of all races and nationalities, burned with acid by “nonviolent,” “nonextremist,” “nonradical” Muslims in the last five years everywhere in the world in every country on earth. So, you will understand why we “feel a little uncomfortable” around Muslims and oppose their religion, Islam, which permits this.

“Susie,” 18, was burned on her face (her left eye dissolved) when a man whom she rejected for marriage poured acid on her. She has undergone plastic surgery 50 times.

This is one of the “mildest” photographs in our
Muslim Atrocities Photo Archives.


Photo courtesy of private contributor.

Koran (the Muslim “Bible”)

There are two main issues with the Koran.

Issue 1: Couplets

The Koran is a collection of couplets. A couplet is a pair of ideas that contradict each other.

This means that the Koran contains both peace-and-love verses and violence-and-hatred verses.

Issue 2: Lust

A Muslim may obey a peace-and-love verse when his lust allows him to and he may obey a violence-and-hatred verse when his lust allows him to.

When we study Muslim current events and Muslim history, we discover that:

Muslims’ lust more often than not leads them to obey the violence-and-hatred verses of the Koran.

Muslim Religion

See “Islam.”


As long as Muslims respect American law and tradition, seek no preferential treatment, and live with us in peace, they will be allowed in America. However, they must publicly sign the Declaration of Severance and agree, in writing, to use the Modern Koran, which removes all encouragements to jihad, hatred, violence, and mass murder. Note that the text of the Koran is not changed in the Modern Koran but explanatory notes have been added explaining that the time of the holy wars has past according to the new prophets of Islam. If Muslims don’t do these things, they will not be allowed to enter the U.S. or, if a citizen, they will be deported. In addition, we have been told that the anti Muslim organization MASS, the Muslim Assassination Squad, will be monitoring them and keeping an eye on them in case they get out of line. We are not Europe. Muslims will not do here what they are doing there. Also, less than 1% of our population may ever be Muslim. This rule will be enforced one way or another by some means. Finally, other restrictions will be put in place, as well.

Muslims, American

American Muslims are just as guilty as the 9/11 attackers because they refuse to break off from the rest of Islam. In order to confirm this, we polled 3,011 Muslims (the “Break Off” Poll). Here are the results:

  • No, I will not break off from the rest of Islam, even if violent. 2,997
  • Yes, I will break off but I must do so only in my mind. 10
  • Yes, I will break off. 4

Muslims, Are All Muslims Terrorists?

Are all Muslims terrorists? The answer to this question is not simple. The answer is no but, in effect, yes because of STS. See Terrorism: STS Syndrome & The Hidden Terrorist Threat.

Muslims, Savages

First, we exclude the women and children from this subject. They are, essentially, innocent victims of male Muslims.

Muslims are savages because:

  1. Muslims have no faith in their god, Allah.
  2. Muslims have no familial (family) relationship with their god, Allah.
  3. Muslims cling to the idea that Allah is their slavemaster.
  4. The lives of Muslims center on following the slave rules of their god, Allah.
  5. The slave rules of their god, Allah, include torturing and murdering people; especially, those weaker than themselves; especially, women and children.


We are Independents.  See our political think tank American Political Intelligence.

We will expand the Snapshot over time.

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