Extremist Muslims Versus Super Extremist Muslims

WARNING: This article is not intended for sensitive readers. Do not continue if you lack courage and/or a strong stomach.

Additional research reveals that, while virtually all Muslims would murder you in their sleep (for their god Allah, of course) if they had a chance, there is a group of Muslims that are not satisfied to just murder you. These Muslims are super extremist Muslims. They have a psychotic need to super torture their victims. We have seen with our own eyes a slaughterhouse (a place where you kill animals for food) containing the bodies of their victims hung up like animal meat with their stomachs sliced open. Local witnesses told us that all of this was done before they were killed amidst their futile screams for mercy.

Now, be careful, don’t start thinking that the non-super-extremist Muslims are anywhere near your friends. These Muslims, incredibly including those in America , want you under Sharia law that includes whippings, facial disfigurement with acid, amputations, execution by stoning, other types of torture-execution, and worse.

Footnote: There is content that we cannot publish to our fellow Americans because, if Americans knew the truth, every Muslim in America would be, at minimum, thrown out of America today and every mosque in America would be burned to the ground today. However, if you want this even more horrific truth visit The Muslim Issue. Another site, presenting the most horrific truth on the internet, the Muslim Massacres website, is currently being moved around the Internet to avoid publisher detection by Muslim assassins.