Guide: Proof The Mind Is Not The Brain

Here is just one proof that the mind is not the brain.  First, here is the brain (includes most of the section in gray):


Now, each person has what is called a “tranfixridic program.”  A person’s tranfixridic program determines what they are and what they will be. This program is changed by our choices. Good choices create good changes. Bad choices create bad changes. The tranfixridic program is integrated (dependently connected) with the state of one’s brain.  If you change the tranfixridic program, you change the state of the brain.  Conversely, if you change the brain, you change the tranfixridic program.  Now, note:

The tranfixridic program is NOT found in the brain.  Currently, (“materialistic”) scientists have NO EXPLANATION for how the tranfixridic program can exist but they know that it exists.

Transfixridic Brain

Now,the most important thing you can know about the change flow (the changes that are currently occurring in the tranfixridic program and/or the brain) is that the tranfixridic program is stronger than the brain.  However, the tranfixridic program can lose control (for example, through traumatic brain injury).  If this happens, the TxM (tranfixridic program) fights to regain control and is always successful in regaining some degree of control, sometimes full control and sometimes almost no control.

Okay, so how does all of the above prove that the mind is not the brain?  Very simply:

The tranfixridic program resides outside of the brain and in the mind.  Therefore, the mind exists outside of the brain.

If you would like just a taste of the super technical research behind everything you have read, see Super Mind: The Human Psynome Project on the UPAX website.  In addition, we will be providing nontechnical and less technical information on this website if and when necessary.