How Muslims Cheat All Of Us Using The Koran (the Muslim “Bible”)

Muslims, especially, in the United States, will tell you how the Koran teaches peace and love. However, here is what they don’t tell you:

The Koran is a collection of couplets. A couplet is a pair of ideas that contradict each other.

What this means is that for every verse that commands peace and love there is a verse that commands violence and hatred.

Now guess who decides when to obey a violence-and-hatred verse in the Koran. The individual Muslim. So, if a Muslim wakes up one morning and feels like beating his wife, he simply looks for a verse in the Koran that commands him to beat his wife.

This type of schizophrenic thinking applies to every facet (part) of a Muslim’s life. It means that a Muslim can be completely convincing when he says he promotes peace and love. You see, at the moment they say that, they are thinking of a peace-and-love verse in the Koran. Later, however, when you are gone, they will look for a violence-and-hatred verse to justify an attack against you.