{NX} Islam Is Out Of The Closet

No, we’re not saying that all Muslims are Gay-perverts. What we are saying is that we have fully examined Islam. It has been scrutinized, canvassed, checked over, checked up on, inspected, studied, surveyed, vetted, viewed, checked, checked out, gone over, investigated, looked into, contemplated, considered, conned, looked at, looked over, observed, given a going over, given the once-over, gone over with a fine-tooth comb, checked, tested, catechized, psychoanalyzed, inquired, interrogated, queried, questioned, quizzed, asked about, searched, cross-examined, grilled, pumped, given the third degree, put to the question, analyzed, dissected, and sliced and diced.

The conclusion is that Islam offers nothing new and everything old and, as most religions go, ranges from boring to insane.

Original article: {NX} Islam Is Out Of The Closet

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