List of Islam’s Contradictory Commandments

You will find the list of Islam’s contradictory commandments via Contradictory Commandments (pdf file). Some of the content is technical; just skip over the technical stuff and read the side-by-side contradictory commandments in English, which start on page 11.

The contradictory commandments are found in two columns, the first colum (titled “Abrogated Verse”) and the fourth column (titled “Abrogated By”).

Note that, unlike other religious books, the Koran allows Allah (“God”) to change his mind about what he commands and teaches that Allah (“God”) has REPLACED the earlier PEACE commandments with the later VIOLENCE commandments.

This means that the first column (Abrogated Verse) commandments (the peace commandments) have been replaced by the fourth column (Abrogated By) commandments (the violence commandments).