Muslim Rapists Executed By CJA

In Sweden, yesterday, seven Muslim rapists convicted of raping three American tourists received a ridiculously light sentence of one year each. After the sentencing the seven were led out of the courtroom then outside then put in a police van. At that point, the police escorts were suddenly called away, leaving the seven Muslim rapists unattended but locked in the police van.

Suddenly, the police van exploded in a fiery ball then seconds later a second, even more massive explosion, occurred.

All seven Muslim rapists were vaporized.

The European branch of the CJA, the Counter Jihad Army, announced ten minutes later that it was responsible for, in their words, “the just execution of seven Muslim monsters.” CJA promised to deliver “more justice” in the days to come until the Swedish government starts meting out deserved punishment to the “Muslim invaders.” CJA added, sarcastically, “We hope their meeting with Allah was a pleasant one.

While we hate to see anyone die and while we oppose vigilante action, justice was certainly served in these events.