Muslims Suppress The Real Koran

This year, on Sunday, February 2, 2014, the most ancient manuscript of the Koran was discovered 25 miles northeast of Mecca by textual archaeologists. This manuscript has three additional ajiza (sections) in which Muhammad declares, among other things, that “…the days of the holy wars have ended.”

Incredibly, Imams and the rest of the Islamic leadership worldwide, including the United States, are doing everything they can to suppress this incredible, archaeological find. One Imam committed Islamic heresy by saying, “Muhammad must have lost his mind.” (This Imam has suddenly disappeared and is unreachable.)

Through our contacts we will be providing a copy of the archaeological discovery, named the NeoMedinan Koran, as soon as possible. The archaeologists who made the discovery will be making it available on their own website The NeoMedinan Koran at // (website not yet available). You can download the current Koran here.

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