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Why All Muslims Are Nuts: Reason #1

Muslims worship a man, Muhammad, who was a mass murderer and a mass pedophile (proof in the Koran and other writings of Muslims). We have asked over 1,000 American Muslims about this. Their response is, “Allah gave Muhammad permission to be a mass murderer and mass pedophile because Muhammad loved Allah so much.” This shows American Muslims value their religion more than sanity. Christians, on the other hand, include sanity as a part of their belief system. The Bible teaches that God wants us to have “a sound mind” (Bible [KJV]: II Timothy 1:7).


Why Evolutionists Are Morons

Smart evolutionists have considerable knowledge but limited intelligence. They will filibuster (talk a lot) but prove very little. The fact is that evolution has been defeated with just a little knowledge. Visit EON Super Nexus to arm yourself with this knowledge.


Muhammad The Backstabber

Muhammad taught Muslims to be nice to non-Muslims to put them off guard before murdering them.


We Support The Ukraine

We are working to make sure our next president properly defends the people of the Ukraine against the Russian animals.


Supreme Court Chooses Gays Over Science

The liberals on the Supreme Court have rejected science so that Gays can be considered normal and also so that Gays can be allowed to marry. See the extensive proof at Supreme Court Rejects Science.


Muslim Baby Factories

Muslim wives are commanded to keep spitting out babies so that Muslims can take over the world just by their sheer numbers, including in America, Europe, and everywhere else.


Insane Muslim Belief #97: Bowing Down

Muslims believe that God is so cruel that he will send them to hell if they don’t get on their knees and bow their head to the ground. Poor, deluded Muslims.


Democrats Want Net Neutrality (Internet Taxes)

* Obama Preparing To Tax You On Internet.

* Hillary Clinton Preparing To Tax You On Internet.

* Democrats Preparing To Tax You On Internet.


We Reject Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush and Common Core do not want children to learn how to write their name. What morons!


Muslim Loons

Muslim loons actually believe that God enjoys seeing children suffer.


(Updated) What Is A Muslim?

Christians believe in Jesus, the Son of God, who preached love (see the Bible). Muslims, instead, believe in Muhammad, a mere human being, who was “schizophrenic,” preaching peace when he was younger, then, murderous hatred when he was a little older (see the Koran). Muhammad’s “schizophrenia” means many Muslims have insane beliefs. The Muslims with sane beliefs have changed their interpretation of the Koran to agree with sane thinking.


Final Answers To Evolution

There are only a few questions about evolution that matter. We have answered them. The other one million questions are just for fun and can be ignored. You don’t need our massive scientific knowledge to put evolution in its place. Visit EON Super Nexus at //eon.lfnexus.com. //evolution.lfnexus.com will take you there as well.


The Bible Versus The Koran

FACT: The Koran contradicts the Bible. For example, Sura 19:30 in the Koran says, “He [the newborn baby Jesus] spoke….” It then goes on to say what the newborn baby Jesus supposedly said.