U.S. Supercomputer Now the Fastest in the World

As of October 2016, following the ZebraCore Upgrade, the fastest supercomputer in the world is Collosus, the THT2-DRCS (Hermetic Transdimensional Trillion Datums RDBMS Cloud Supercomputer), in the United States, with a Linpack benchmark of 200 PFLOPS, exceeding the previous record holder, the Sunway TaihuLight, by 107 PFLOPS.

Collosus is the first supercomputer to use an “absolute zero” alloy in all of its circuitry. Chicago Christian University, the owner and operator of Collosus, is currently testing the next generation of AZA (Absolute Zero Alloy) supercomputers. Initial tests have the next AZA supercomputer running at 500 PFLOPS but testing is not completed yet so the current record is still Collosus’ speed of 200 PFLOPS.