We Explain Islam (The Religion Of Muslims)

Islam is not really a religion. Islam is a religious philosophy.

Islam is nothing more than a collection of firmly held ideas. Islam does not involve faith in God. Muslims do not trust God. Muslims have no familial (family) relationship with God.

Now, it is actually worse than that.

Muslims do not even think of having faith in God or of having a familial relationship with God.

To Muslims:

God is a master and they are his slaves.

Everything else in Islam is based on this master-slave ideology (firmly held idea). The “everything else” consists of:

Firmly held ideas of slave rules provided by God the Slavemaster.

Now, the slave rules fall into 3 categories:

  1. Sane, normal moral rules (like living a sexually pure life).
  2. Unnecessary, harmless ritual rules (like feet washing before bowing to their Slavemaster God in submission).
  3. Insane, abnormal, bloodthirsty rules (like murdering for a variety of “reasons”).

Thus, we see that:

Islam is a mix of agreeable good and horrifying evil.

As such:

Islam should be shunned (actively avoided) and opposed.