Why Is God Somewhat Stingy?

Now, we can hear the uproar in certain communities at the idea that God is stingy to some degree. Well, that is because of their ignorance of the divinely ordained complexity of the human experience.

Now, is God somewhat stingy? In terms of fact, no. In terms of apparent fact, for some people, yes. Okay. So what is apparent fact? Apparent fact is belief resulting from unrecognized life hallucination. What is life hallucination?

An hallucination that comprises (makes up) a period of one’s life. Such a period of one’s life could last for seconds or minutes or hours or days or weeks or months or years.

So, why does God send these painful life hallucinations? Of course, with some people it is because of sin. But, with other people, good and decent people, it has a different purpose. That purpose is:

Paradoxical drama.

What is paradoxical drama?

Paradoxical drama is acting as if, though not really the case, God is defective in some way. In this case, it is acting as if, though not really the case, God is somewhat stingy.

How do you know that God wants you to engage in this paradoxical drama? If this were not true, God would truly be somewhat stingy.

So, how do you act as if God is somewhat stingy?

You plan your life accordingly. You say to yourself, “In effect, though not really, God is not going to provide me with everything I need. Therefore, I must save some resources – money, time, energy, property, food, clothing, shelter, etc. – for future use.”