Why Is God Unfaithful (Inconsistent)?

Why is God unfaithful (inconsistent)? That is, why doesn’t God keep his word all of the time? Well, once again, we are dealing with paradoxical drama. You must read our earlier articles on this subject to be able to understand this article:

Note that God is not really unfaithful.

Now, why is God unfaithful?

So that we will engage in the paradoxical drama of putting material defenses above trusting God. Note that we did not say so that we do not trust God but rather that material defenses are to be given greater priority than faith in God.

Material defenses are money, food, clothing, shelter, guns, police, military, etc., etc.

Note that the logic behind this paradoxical drama is that, while unfaithfulness, per se (in itself), calls for a cessation of trust in God…since God is the only source of supply, we cannot cut ourselves off from him completely. Therefore, rather than cessation of faith in God, logic dictates a synthesis, subordination of faith in God.