Why Muslims Are Savages – Part II

Previously, we had not included women and children in the Muslim savages category. However, additional research reveals that savage activity involves 36% of Muslim women and 23% of Muslim children (technically, ages 16 to 1 but we don’t include children younger than 12 in our aggregate statistics).

The youngest suicide bombers on record were 6 and 7 that we are able to confirm. Of course, these poor children had no clue what their savage, insane parents were sending them to do. Modern Muslims are truly insane practitioners of an insane religion.

By the way, currently, we have no information or evidence from the Koran or other Islamic sources that even the barbaric Muhammad sent 6-years-olds and 7-year-olds to do the murderous bidding of their god Allah. The evidence argues that modern Muslims have FORSAKEN the true way of their god Allah and of Muhammad.