Guide: The Supreme Sanity of the Bible

Over the millenia, the Bible has withstood all attacks and all tests (tests are friendly).  The latest test is the Psychiatrist’s In-Depth Study of the Bible (link not active yet).  This test examined whether the Bible follows all universally accepted psychiatric principles.  The answer is a resounding yes.  Now, we appreciate this result but the fact is that it is psychiatrists who must be tested by the Bible.  One reason for this is that the Bible has never been proven wrong while psychiatrists have been proven wrong millions of times.  To see the supreme sanity of the Bible for yourself view or download the Psychiatrist’s King James Bible.

Guide: Gays’ Fake Science

Gays’ won over the Supreme Court in the past through the use of fake science.  Read How Gays Tricked The Supreme Court.  The Bible clearly states and repeatedly states that the sexual activity of Gays is AGAINST NATURE.  In the Bible, “against nature” means mentally unsound; that is, done by a mentally ill person.  Here is one example of a verse that says Gay acts are against nature (mentally unsound [done by a mentally ill person]):

Romans 1:26-27:  For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:  And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.

Observe, also, that the sexual activity of Gays is a sin (note the words, “vile,” “lust,” “unseemly,” and “error”).  For more information and detailed information see Gendrome.

Does The Bible Talk About The Unconscious Mind?

Yes, the Bible talks about the unconscious mind.  For example, I John 3:19-21 says:

“(19)  And hereby we know that we are of the truth, and shall assure our hearts (unconscious minds) before him.  (20)  For if our heart (unconscious mind) condemn us, God is greater than our heart (unconscious mind), and knoweth all things.  (21)  Beloved, if our heart (unconscious mind) condemn us not, then have we confidence toward God.”

Note that the Bible talked about the unconscious mind way before Freud.

Proof That Artificial Intelligence Will Never Surpass Human Intelligence

By Dr. Michael Bisconti: Bisconti Technologies and AI Supercomputer Collosus

First, we must give the devil his due (tell you what artificial intelligence can do better than human beings). Artificial intelligence, because it is a computer, can do arithmetic faster than most human beings (currently, at least three thousand (human) “savants” still beat the fastest supercomputers). Also, AI (artificial intelligence), again because it is a computer, can remember more than most human beings (currently, at least two thousand (human) “savants” remember ten times more than the largest supercomputers).

Now, here is the proof that AI (artificial intelligence) can never surpass human intelligence:

  1. AI (artificial intelligence) has no INAFF (intelligence-affecting) emotion.
  2. AI has no INAFF (intelligence-affecting) instinct.
  3. AI has no INAFF empathy.
  4. AI has no superego (conscience).
  5. AI has no moral or ethical reasoning capability.
  6. AI has no moral or ethical discernment.
  7. AI has no unconscious mind.
  8. AI has no human neural net. The human neural net cannot be reproduced in computer form.
  9. AI has no inducial logic capability.
  10. AI has no projective intelligence.
  11. AI has no foresight.
  12. AI has no denotative understanding.
  13. AI has no connotative understanding.
  14. CBAIL (Capability Beyond Artificial Intelligence List) currently presents over ten million items that are beyond artificial intelligence.
  15. Our CBAIL Encyclopedia (link not active yet) provides the complete CBAIL list and proofs and explanations for each item on the list.

Sexual Craving Causes Temporary Mental Gullibility

Our Institute of Human Sexuality has just completed a 50-year study of human sexuality encompassing (including) every race, nationality, and country on earth. The study surveyed and tracked a million people for 50 years. One major finding is:

Sexual craving causes temporary mental gullibility.

A craving is a powerful desire for something. A sexual craving is a powerful desire for sexual interaction. Gullibility is the state of one who can be persuaded by false reasoning to believe something that is not true. Temporary mental gullibility is the state of one who can be persuaded by their own false reasoning to believe something that is not true. Here is an example of fallacious (false) reasoning by a person in a state of temporary mental gullibility:

  1. Choices are mental images. (This is a falsehood.)
  2. If I have no mental images, I cannot choose. (This is a falsehood.)
  3. If I cannot choose, I cannot deliberately sin. (This is an absurdity [a truth based on a falsehood].)
  4. I have no mental images. (This can be true.)
  5. Therefore, I cannot commit sexual sin. (This is false even though it is logical.)
  6. Therefore, I am free to try to engage in any sexual activity I want. (This is false even though it is logical.)

We see in our example above that the person comes to a conclusion that can result in sinful, sexual activity. Remember, only sex between a man and a woman who are married is approved by God. This is the tradition of the human race, encompasses the biological drive of the human race, encompasses principles of psychiatry, and encompasses one conclusion of our 50-year study but, most important, this is what the Bible teaches.

The main lesson to take away from this article is:

Never try to justify (reason to a conclusion that an act would not be a sin) a sexual activity while you are in a state of sexual craving.

All Decisions Must Be Based On Facts

First, let us explain the difference between the moral and the philosophical.  The philosophical deals with the general.  The moral deals with the specific.  The philosophical says people are good.  The moral says Joe is good.

Now we can talk about philosophical decisions and moral decisions.  A philosophical decision deals with a class of acts; for example, the decision to never kill people is a philosophical decision.  On the other hand, a moral decision deals with a single act; for example, the decision to kill the stranger who is about to stab your child in the chest.  Now, note how the moral decision contradicts the philosophical decision.

The contradiction occurs because the philosophical decision is made without facts while the moral decision is made with facts.  The philosophical decision is made with no facts while the moral decision involves the fact that the stranger is about to stab your child in the chest.  Obviously, the moral decision has priority over the philosophical decision.  Thus, decisions based on facts have priority over decisions not based on facts.  To put this another way:


All decisions must be based on facts.

Note that the Bible teaches that all decisions must be based on facts; for example, Ephesians 5:15 says

See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise….

Is The Mind Governed By The Laws Of Physics?

Is the mind governed by the laws of physics?  No, of course not.  The mind is governed by the laws of the psyche, which were established by God.  For example, let us say there are two chairs in front of you and one is red and one is blue.  If we ask you to draw a picture of the blue chair, you recognize the blueness of the blue chair then draw a picture of  the blue chair.

Now, with the mind, apart from imaginations, a person cannot draw a picture of anything that occurs in their mind.  For example, let us say that you think your full name.  If we ask you to draw a picture of the thought of your last name, you draw a picture of your last name.  Now, what is it about the thought of your last name that tells you it is your last name?  The answer is nothing.  How, then, do  you know a thought of your last name is a thought of your last name?  You know this by assignmettism.  Assignmettism is an identity assigned by your unconscious mind (your unconscious mind was created by God).

Now, the unconscious mind does not consciously communicate with you.  How, then, does the unconscious mind teach you the identity of a given thought?  The answer is that the unconscious mind does not teach you the identity of a given thought.  Rather, the unconscious mind “injects” (note quotes; that is, this is functional, not literal, language) the knowledge of the identity of a given thought then enforces the knowledge of the identity of the thought.

Why Pneumiatrists Are Smarter Than Psychiatrists

Here are just a few reasons why pneumiatrists (students of pneumiatry [pronounced “new-my-uh-tree”]) are smarter than psychiatrists:

  1. All pneumiatrists are psychiatrists.
  2. All pneumiatrists study all sciences.
  3. All pneumiatrists believe that atheism is both scientifically and psychiatrically unsound.
  4. All pneumiatrists believe in the existence of the God of the Bible.
  5. Most nonpneumiatrist psychiatrists suffer from mental illness, ranging from neurotic to disturbed to psychotic.
  6. Pneumiatrists believe that human beings have both vitalistic (“free will”) and mechanistic (“machine”) aspects (“parts” [note quotes]), while most psychiatrists believe than human beings are nothing more than “machines.”
  7. Pneumiatrists use more evidence and facts than psychiatrists.
  8. Pneumiatrists recognize the tripartite nature of man. Psychiatry only recognizes two of the three facets (“parts” [note quotes]) of man.
  9. Pneumiatrists inform and support Sane Majority and their Mental Health Rules: Sanity Manifesto 7.0 Beta.

We have published over 10,000 reasons why pneumiatrists are smarter than psychiatrists (see our book Pneumiatrists Are Smarter [link not active yet] for a list and explanation of all of these over 10,000 reasons).