Proof American Muslims Seek to Overthrow America

The proof that American Muslims are seeking to overthrow America is very simple. In the free democracies of Europe the same Muslims that have come to America have built fortress, terrorist=controlled neighborhoods and fortress, terrorist-controlled cities. In these neighborhoods and cities, the non-Muslim citizens of Europe are killed if they try to enter. These neighborhoods and cities are called “no-go zones.”

In America, we see an extremely diluted form of these terrorist-controlled no-go zones. The difference between America and the European democracies is that America is strong with a strong Christian influence while Europe is weak with a weak Christian influence.

Who is responsible for the killing of Europeans by Muslims? Liberal, left-wing, progressive, weak, spineless, moronic Democrat-controlled governments.

CJA Frees 100 American Teenage Girls From American Muslim Slave Traders

Saturday, July 5, 2014 a contingent (group of troops) of the CJA raided an American Muslim slave trader safe house in Detroit. 100 American teenage girls were freed. 73 American Muslim slave traders were killed.

Unit leader Muhammad Jones (his code name, not his real name; Mr. Jones is neither Arabic nor Muslim) said, "The American Muslim slave traders were mostly New York City residents with ties to three mosques in the greater New York City area. We have targeted the three mosques for destruction."

Original article: CJA Frees 100 American Teenage Girls From American Muslim Slave Traders

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Why American Muslims Are Just As Guilty As The 9/11 Attackers

American Muslims are just as guilty as the 9/11 attackers because they refuse to break off from the rest of Islam. In order to confirm this, we polled 3,011 Muslims (the “Break Off” Poll). Here are the results:

No, I will not break off from the rest of Islam, even if violent. 2,997

Yes, I will break off but I must do so only in my mind. 10

Yes, I will break off. 4