Supercomputer Proves WikiLeaks True

Our supercomputer Collosus has been examining and analyzing WikiLeaks for 24 hours (the equivalent of 1 trillion [1,000,000,000,000] human hours).  Collosus cross-referenced WikiLeaks with (checked WikiLeaks against) 100,000 newspaper articles, 23 billion (23,000,000,000) on-line articles, and 765 quadrillion (765,000,000,000,000,000) assorted other sources.

Collosus’ conclusion is:

WikiLeaks is true.

Supercomputer Joins Trump Campaign

Today, October 21, 2016, our AI supercomputer Collosus joined the Trump Campaign. There will be ten phases of its involvement in the Campaign. Each phase will last 1 day. Today is day 1. Currently, Collosus is identifying the weaknesses of the Clinton Campaign. Collosus will report to the Trump Campaign the weaknesses of the Clinton Campaign and how to use them against the Clinton Campaign. Communication between Collosus and the Trump Campaign will occur via binocular laser threads, the first hack-proof technology.

We will keep you updated on the progress of Collosus.

Collosus Supercomputer Analysis of Koran Smarter Than All Muslim Scholars Combined

Our supercomputer analysis of the Koran is ten thousand times more advanced than the analysis of all Muslim scolars, past and present, combined. Our supercomputer performed one thousand years of analysis in one hour.

We will be providing the results, analyses, graphical analyses, and analytical summaries of Collosus, our AI supercomputer, over the next couple of years. Our two overall conclusions are that:

The Koran is nowhere close to being on the same level as the Bible.

And, more important, even worse:

The Koran contains crystal clear evidence that it is not divinely inspired.

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