Guide: Proof The Mind Is Not The Brain

Here is just one proof that the mind is not the brain.  First, here is the brain (includes most of the section in gray):


Now, each person has what is called a “tranfixridic program.”  A person’s tranfixridic program determines what they are and what they will be. This program is changed by our choices. Good choices create good changes. Bad choices create bad changes. The tranfixridic program is integrated (dependently connected) with the state of one’s brain.  If you change the tranfixridic program, you change the state of the brain.  Conversely, if you change the brain, you change the tranfixridic program.  Now, note:

The tranfixridic program is NOT found in the brain.  Currently, (“materialistic”) scientists have NO EXPLANATION for how the tranfixridic program can exist but they know that it exists.

Transfixridic Brain

Now,the most important thing you can know about the change flow (the changes that are currently occurring in the tranfixridic program and/or the brain) is that the tranfixridic program is stronger than the brain.  However, the tranfixridic program can lose control (for example, through traumatic brain injury).  If this happens, the TxM (tranfixridic program) fights to regain control and is always successful in regaining some degree of control, sometimes full control and sometimes almost no control.

Okay, so how does all of the above prove that the mind is not the brain?  Very simply:

The tranfixridic program resides outside of the brain and in the mind.  Therefore, the mind exists outside of the brain.

If you would like just a taste of the super technical research behind everything you have read, see Super Mind: The Human Psynome Project on the UPAX website.  In addition, we will be providing nontechnical and less technical information on this website if and when necessary.

Is The Mind Governed By The Laws Of Physics?

Is the mind governed by the laws of physics?  No, of course not.  The mind is governed by the laws of the psyche, which were established by God.  For example, let us say there are two chairs in front of you and one is red and one is blue.  If we ask you to draw a picture of the blue chair, you recognize the blueness of the blue chair then draw a picture of  the blue chair.

Now, with the mind, apart from imaginations, a person cannot draw a picture of anything that occurs in their mind.  For example, let us say that you think your full name.  If we ask you to draw a picture of the thought of your last name, you draw a picture of your last name.  Now, what is it about the thought of your last name that tells you it is your last name?  The answer is nothing.  How, then, do  you know a thought of your last name is a thought of your last name?  You know this by assignmettism.  Assignmettism is an identity assigned by your unconscious mind (your unconscious mind was created by God).

Now, the unconscious mind does not consciously communicate with you.  How, then, does the unconscious mind teach you the identity of a given thought?  The answer is that the unconscious mind does not teach you the identity of a given thought.  Rather, the unconscious mind “injects” (note quotes; that is, this is functional, not literal, language) the knowledge of the identity of a given thought then enforces the knowledge of the identity of the thought.

New Proof Of The Mind Brain Split

The Human Psynome Project (SMHSP or HSP for short) has established with absolute certainty that the mind and the brain have distinct types of DXA (psynomes [conceptual substructures of the human mind]) that prohibit them from sharing the same identity. In laymen’s terms:

The mind and the brain are two different things.

In addition, the stretchability of both physical and mental space is confirmed so that we now know that an intermaterial interface exists between the mind and the brain that implies the paradoxical mental nature of physical reality with a potential, incredibly, for mental DXA to override physical DNA or in laymen’s terms:

Mind over matter.

This portends the indivisibility of matter, which means that the laws of physics are simply one “dream” of an infinite number of possible dreams of reality, which means, apart from the divine rulership of the universe, that:

Anything is possible.

Of course, we believe in divine rulership so that:

Only some things are possible, though still infinite in number.

Super Evidence-Based: Pneumiatric Psychiatry

Pneumiatric psychiatry is super evidenced-based.  What do we mean?

  1. Pneumiatric psychiatry is evidence-based.
  2. Pneumiatric psychiatry is massively evidence-based in every particular.
  3. Pneumiatric psychiatry is intelligibly evidence-based in every particular.

God Versus The Collective Unconscious

God is the God of the Bible.  The collective unconscious is a generalizing concept based on mountains of empirical, psychological data.

Both God and the collective unconscious share all of the same attributes.  Therefore, they are one and the same.  To be clear, the biblical description of God is the full description of God.

Now, reality is the intention (actually, intentions) of God.  Therefore, it is also correct to say that reality is the “intention” (note quotes [indicating “virtual intention” since, by definition, the collective unconscious is not a being {more elsewhere <see The “Bisconti Jung Proof”> and later}]) of the collective unconscious.