Anti Burka Law

Freedom of religion ends when it causes physical suffering. Today, we saw a Muslim woman in a burka ("body bag" clothing that covers a Muslim woman’s entire body). It was 100 degrees out. The woman collapsed from heat exhaustion and blood came pouring out of her mouth.

We demand that Congress pass an "Anti Burka Law."

Muslim husbands must truly hate their wives. They obviously only have wives to satisfy their sexual urges.

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Muslim Women Who Wear “Body Bags”

If you see a Muslim woman wearing a “body bag,” which covers her entire body except for her eyes, remember that you are seeing a woman who lives in mortal terror of being facially disfigured with acid, tortured, and killed by her husband if she appears the least bit uncovered in public.

We need to elect people to office who will pass laws that end and prevent the lifelong terror and horror of these women!